Measure What Matters

Measuring Social and Environmental Impact

We manage only what we measure. This is one of the most basic truths in business. Therefore we ought to measure what matters most: the ability of our businesses to not only generate returns, but to create shared and durable prosperity for customers, employees, community, and the environment.

Measure What Matters is a new Buffalo First campaign aimed at providing programming and resources to help our members improve their social and environmental impact.

Buffalo First is proud to introduce the Quick Impact Assessment, a free online tool to help you 'measure what matters.' See how you stack up against thousands of other businesses on the business practices that build a strong local community. Take the Quick Impact Assessment today:

Step 1: Get a Baseline

Assess how your company performs against dozens of best practices on employee, community, and environmental impact.

Step 2: Compare Your Impact

See how your company stacks up against thousands of other businesses.

Step 3: Improve Your Impact

Create a plan to improve your company's practices, and help your staff implement them easily.

Get One-on-one Help from the Small Business Development Center

Get one-on-one help with the Quick Impact Assessment from the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Buffalo State. The SBDC's Social Enterprise Coordinator will help you form a baseline in 20 minutes and implement improvements to your practices.

Join our Upcoming Workshops

October 28, 2016, 1 pm, Cleveland Hall 205, SUNY Buffalo State, 1300 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, FREE

Get the B Corp Handbook

Rather do it offline? Use the B Corp Handbook, which contains examples of hundreds of companies using their business as a force for good and quick exercises to help you get started on your journey.