2016 Indie Impact Study

Buffalo First is pleased to partner with Civic Economics as the latest participant in the ABA Study Series.

As part of this study we asked local businesses in Erie County, New York to complete a short survey that will quantify the share of revenue that independent businesses keep in the local economy as compared to national chains.

The individual results of this survey will be kept confidential to Civic Economics and will only be reported in aggregate as to not disclose any individual responses.

This survey is limited to independent retailers (with an actual storefront) and restaurants (both full and limited service) located in Erie County, New York.

The results of the study will be available soon!


Why do an Indie Impact Study?

  • Other cities have used this data to engage consumers in mindful shopping and prioritizing local businesses over chain stores through ‘buy local’ campaigns

  • Some cities have used the data for advocacy purposes to protect local businesses. For example, the Austin Independent Business Association used the study results to lobby against city subsidies for new national chain stores

  • More about the study series and findings from other cities