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July 03, 2014
Andrew Delmonte
Buffalo News

A new crop of businesses around the world is using new legal forms like the benefit corporation to codify their intended social impacts so that directors, workers and investors are all on the same page, and to protect against hostile buyouts. Read the full article


Business Start-up Program

June 25, 2014

Daemen College and the Fillmore Corridor Neighborhood Coalition (FCNC) sponsored Business Program will be offered again this fall. Read the full article


IMPACT at the 2013 BALLE Conference

July 11, 2013
Paula Matallana
IMPACT Silver Spring

If you would have told me three weeks ago that I would soon find myself in Buffalo, New York, I would have smiled politely and given you a look that not-so-subtly said, “Are you crazy?” However, to Buffalo I went along with my co-worker Carmen, two unsuspecting attendees for the 2013 BALLE Conference. Neither of us knew what BALLE was before then. Now we are aware that it is an acronym for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies and you should definitely check them out if you’re a small business owner, part of a community driven non-profit, or simply a resident who is enamoured of the place that you live in. Read the full article


Living La Vida Local

June 25, 2013
Carl Frankel

Love was in the air at this year’s annual BALLE conference, which was held in Buffalo June 12-14 (and which Luminary Publishing was proud to co-sponsor). BALLE stands for Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a mouthful of a phrase that would probably have been jettisoned long ago were it not for the considerable name recognition its acronym has grown to command. With eighty local and regional networks, BALLE is a booming organization in support of a booming movement, localism, which is built around the notion that we’ll all be better off if we wean ourselves from the global economic teat and instead support local businesses, local agriculture, and other local institutions. Read the full article


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