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Artisans' Hands
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754 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 225-7117
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11 AM - 3 PM
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Our shop on Elmwood  has been open since Nov 2012 to an enthusiastic neighborhood. We love hearing people say how unique we are and what a wonderful and beautiful store we have. Being an alliance store with Ten Thousand Villages allows us the opportunity to offer Fair Trade items that are recognized by their quality and trustworthiness in raising the standard of living for so many communities around the world. We are proud to be associated with a group that has been consistantly voted one of the most reputable companies in the world. Known for reusing many discarded items and turning them into everything from paper lamps, bombcasing jewelry and votive holders, recycled washers into bowls and mirrors, or 55 gallon steel drums made into beautiful wall hangings hand cut and designed by artisans in Haiti, it is a thrill to see how creative minds work!

We are the owners of this small business and have found that customers have embraced our orginal idea of incorporating locally made jewelry, coffee mugs, and ceramic coasters in what we call our 'Me/We' line. Me/We is based on Archbishop Desmond Tutu's philosophy of Ubuntu,(the essence of being human) which states that we are all part of a whole, that with compassion, respect, and generosity, you and I are interconnected (Me / We) To connect locally with this idea, we make a donation with every Me/We product to the Friends of the Night People in Buffalo.

Hoping to get some exposure to new and struggling artists of many varieties, we offer our store side full length window for aristst displays to help promote and sell their work. We try to rotate artists every month and have found it is a pretty cool way for a new artist to have their first time showing in the ever popular Elmwood Village. All proceeds from sales go directly to the artist, we have donated our space for that purpose.

A very uniqe idea we have come up with is  to repurpose vodka, water and wine bottles which we cut in our shop and etch with a custom design or logo. They make great drinking glasses (cut to different heights and colors of glass from blue, green, yellow or clear) or also can be used as vases, and candleholders or votive holders. Along with glass etching, we also do beautiful rock engravings/etchings too. Special occasions like a housewarming, anniversary or weddings can be forever remembered with names and dates, symbols or verses etched into a one of a kind lake rock for inside a home, or outside in a garden. We cannot keep our truly unique rock lamps in our store for long, customers who never knew they wanted or needed a rock lamp fall in love with them and buy them on the spot! Driftwood works of art are also a multi use item for herb pots, candleholders or glass bottle lights. We are constantly coming up with innovative ideas for discarded items that we turn into beautiful pieces that are brought into homes, backyards, and gardens for a look unlike any other.

We have several local artists that we work with for our jewelry, soy natural candles & lotions from Buffalo Coyote Candles, along with many other items you will  find only here.


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